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{2-[(Dimethylamino)methyl]phenyl}methanamine dihydrochloride

{2-[(Dimethylamino)methyl]phenyl}methanamine dihydrochloride(53369-78-1)

  • Name: {2-[(Dimethylamino)methyl]phenyl}methanamine dihydrochloride
  • Synonyms:53369-78-1;{2-[(dimethylamino)methyl]phenyl}methanamine dihydrochloride;[2-(Aminomethyl)benzyl]dimethylamine dihydrochloride;[2-[(dimethylamino)methyl]phenyl]methanamine;dihydrochloride;1-(2-(Aminomethyl)phenyl)-N,N-dimethylmethanamine dihydrochloride;MFCD11841287;AKOS008049074;SB81065;BS-38076;EN300-42737;C90142;2-(aminomethyl)benzyldimethylamine dihydrochloride;1-[2-(Aminomethyl)phenyl]-N,N-dimethylmethanamine diHCl;1-(2-(AMINOMETHYL)PHENYL)-N,N-DIMETHYLMETHANAMINE 2HCL;1-(2-(Aminomethyl)phenyl)-N,N-dimethylmethanaminedihydrochloride
  • Molecular Formula:C10H18Cl2N2
  • Molecular Weight:237.17
  • CAS Registry Number:53369-78-1
  • EINECS:837-779-9
  • Melting Point:
  • Water Solubility:

The Complete List of Suppliers for {2-[(Dimethylamino)methyl]phenyl}methanamine dihydrochloride

    CAS No.53369-78-1 {2-[(diMethylaMino)Methyl]phenyl}MethanaMine dihydrochloride

    Assay:0.98 Appearance:Off white to slight yellow solid Package:1L 5L 10L 25L bottle Storage:Stored in shaded, cool and dry places Transportation:Handle with cares to avoid damaging the packages. Protect them from sunshine or rain. We can send by Fedex, by ship or by plane according to international rules. Application:pharma intermediate 

    Min. Order:0

    Supplier:Antimex Chemical Limied [ China (Mainland)]



    Address:Room1027,No.Jinyu Road,Pudong

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